Everyone has a different experience with #perimenopause. Different cultures, different languages, different jobs. When sheltering at home, relationship issues can sometimes be more pronounced. For Patricia, her biggest challenge was navigating perimenopause with her husband. (Spoiler: they were able to work it out.) Now might be the perfect time to have some honest conversations!

(In Spanish with subtitles)

Working While Female

Denise, Amy, Brandi and Jenn get REAL about managing #menopause in the workplace and the impact it can have on your career. If you are empowered with the knowledge of #perimenopause, you can more easily navigate these waters. If you’re an employer, you’ll want to know how to help your star employees stay on their A-game.

INTERVIEW: Leanne Morgan

When we started this peri journey we discovered a podcast called Sweaty and Pissed, co-hosted by comedienne Leanne Morgan and nurse practitioner Karen Nickell. Besides being hilarious, S&P is also chock full of extremely useful information and fast became one of our fave podcasts.  When we heard Leanne’s tour was coming through Austin, we were the first to buy tickets! Leanne is even more lovely in person than on her podcast, and we are super grateful she took an hour out of her busy schedule to talk with us.

The Healthcare Funhouse

How many pills does it take to address the symptoms of perimenopause? Too many!  Prof. Detra Payne, Genneve telemedicine founder Jill Angelo and ob/gyn Dr. Lisa Savage unpack why its SO HARD for women to affordably and easily access the perimenopause care they need.  The system is broke, y’all.


Pausemonauts” Brandi, Suzee, Margaret and Leslie sit down to have a radically honest conversation about the reality of being a woman in menopause.

The sad history of “hysterical” women begins with institutionalization for depression and anxiety and progressed to wholesale hysterectomies to eliminate the “problem.”  Our grandmother’s had good reason to fear discussing menopause openly, so our mother’s had no idea that their symptoms were related to changing hormones.  We are the first generation of women who have the ability, the platform, and the muscle to “kick that dang door down.”