We need to have The Talk, but for mid‑life.

Menopause has been called the Last Taboo, yet every one of the nearly 4 billion women on the planet will journey through the Change of Life.

hellopause is a new webseries with a mission to de-stigmatize #perimenopause. This means speaking out, hearing from women everywhere, and normalizing the conversation.

HelloPause is a conversation for women, about women, and by women.

Talking openly and demanding research, resources and accessible solutions is how we’ll tackle one of the most challenging issues women over 40 confront today.

Watch the trailer by clicking the image, or access all our conversations on our Hello Pause YouTube channel.

We need your help to continue our mission.

This isn’t just a critical health issue, this is a #genderequality issue. 27 million American women are experiencing perimenopause at work.

This is NOT our mother’s menopause.

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THIS is YOUR time.  Hearing from all women is how we bust myths. Share your perimenopause story!

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“Today’s women are too busy breaking glass ceilings to notice the rug being pulled out from under them.”