Thousands (maybe even millions) of women are turning to private, online forum, to ask the same questions – “Are we crazy? (no, you’re not).  Is this normal? (yes, it is). Why didn’t anyone tell me!?” (because, taboo!) Turning to Dr. Google and playing House, MD are only  going to get you so far with your symptoms.  We need a wholesale re-approach to mid-life and the end of the fertility cycle.

There’s so many layers to unpack here. Lack of research. Dosages that are designed for men. Lack of education for women and clinicians. Lack of solutions.  Too much money! Too much time spent on doctors and research. Our hormonal “drive train” has big responsibility in our bodies and we are only beginning to scratch the surface in understanding its role.

Conversations on HelloPause dig deep into all of this, and because the topic has never been explored in depth in film, we gave each one room to breathe.  Together we CAN change The Change and end menopause stigma, for good.